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Beware of Facebook

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Beware of Facebook

Post by Vans on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:48 am

Beware of external links on any social networking sites and emails as it can transmit your personal data including password as cookies...

Keep changing password at required interval of time .... it keeps your account safe.

E-commerce giant eBay Inc. is asking customers to change their passwords after a recent hack that the company says exposed customer names and passwords, but didn't manage to steal any financial information.
The company says the attack happened between February and March when hackers accessed a database containing customer names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, birth dates, physical addresses and phone numbers.

change ur password time to time to keep ur account safe smile emoticon

Never purchase from unkown site prefer COD rather going for payment, know the sites rating before purchasing from that site ....

Never have personal chats on comment or disclose your facts if u know him have talk in private chat otherwise you’ll be a victim of social engineering....

Never use your email id for login in facebook !!!
use facebook id to login helps u to keep account safe!!

Alway clear your cookies before shutdown your pc. As the hacker use your cookies to get access your private information like password.

The best way to avoid cyber criminals from hacking your account is to create a strong password. That means, you should not settle with using your birthday or your boyfriend’s name as your code. Read these tips so you can come up with a strong and secure password:
1. Never tell your password to anyone.
2. Never use a short password (use at least 8 characters).


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