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Community rules

Post by Vans on Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:23 pm

General : Forum Rules: In Depth

The Community forums offer a valuable resource for feedback, discussion, help and interaction between staff and other users. Over the years the forums have built up a knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly community.


Forum Language
The official language to be used with all postings on these forums is English.

There is a fine line between discussion and argument which is at times hard to define. In general a discussion becomes an argument when the postings become personal and if this starts to become obvious then the Moderators will take necessary action which may include removal or locking of posts.

A troll is a person who posts inflammatory messages, to disrupt the discussion or to upset its participants. The word, or its derivative, "trolling", is also used to describe such messages or the act of posting them. This behaviour will not be tolerated.

Personal attacks
These are usually caused by discussions turning into serious arguments as mentioned above. Please think before posting anything that would be defined as this sort of attack. For example "Username is an idiot" Personal attacks, including those in personal forum messages or emails, are not welcome on these forums and will be dealt with firmly. As the moderators do not have access to personal forum messages or emails any action would only be in response to a specific complaint by the recipient.

Impoliteness toward forum staff in a post, personal forum message or email.
This is when someone impolitely argues against any of the forum staff. (Forum staff include Plusnet staff, administrators and moderators.) An example would be: “How dare you lock that thread you stupid moderator!” However, saying something like “Could you please unlock my thread, because I feel there was no need for it to be locked.” would be perfectly fine.

Use of inappropriate language
The use of swear words, or disguised swear words, in a post is not allowed on the forums. Any attempt to avoid the swear filter will be dealt with.

Derogatory Names
The modification of Health Care or associated brand names by substituting, removing or adding letters is not needed to make a serious point and is not acceptable on the forums.

Where such an action takes place the moderators will correct the change either manually or automatically and where appropriate advise the poster by PM.

Cross Posting
We do not allow 'cross posting' where a user posts the same text in more than one forum. This wastes resources as forum users have to read posts twice. It also causes confusion to the original poster as they may well find that replies are disjointed over 2 or more threads.

Posts/threads in a totally wrong place
Please try and check that the topic you are starting is in the correct section of the forums. Moderators will move posts that are obviously in the wrong section.

Posting inappropriate material
Discussions which mention the circumnavigation or attempted circumnavigation of Health Care terms and conditions (including traffic shaping) will not be allowed to continue or develop. The moderators can and will take appropriate action including removal of posts if such discussions are started.

Also remember that these forums can be viewed by all ages and not just adults. Sexual, Racist Items or links to explicit material will be removed and if this is repeated then action will be taken against the poster.

Illegal file sharing
P2P (or peer-to-peer) software is not illegal in itself, nor is sharing files over it. What is illegal is the sharing of copyrighted files - over P2P or not. Therefore, discussions about P2P software in general are allowed on these forums... However, discussions about or links to sites distributing copyright material are not allowed.

Off Topic Posts (OT)
It is inevitable that threads in forums can veer off course from the original topic. Rather than drag a thread off topic, you should start a new thread in the appropriate forum and post a link in the original thread. Please note that reasonable deviations from a topic's starting point are allowed, if discussions on the topic's original subject have finished.

User removal of a moderators note
If a moderator leaves a note in a post, this must not be removed. They are left so the forum community knows what has happened to the post, and
why the moderator has carried out any action. Hence, we treat this unofficial removal very seriously.

Posting of Personal Details
Without the express permission of the user these are not to be posted on the forums. This includes the content of pm's (personal forum messages) or emails received from other users, moderators or staff.

All CAPS titles/posts
These can be annoying not only because in general "netiquette" they represent shouting, but the letters are also harder for the human brain to
distinguish, thus making them harder to read. Therefore, posting in all caps is not permitted.

Signature Images
Certain signature images that are available for use on the Internet reveal information like your IP Address and Browser. These are not allowed on the forums as some more inexperienced users feel that these are in some way breaching their security and privacy.

Avatars and Signatures
The forum moderators reserve the right to ask any member to change their Avatar and/or Signature, should they feel that it is inappropriate, or does not comply with the following guidelines; Avatar size should be limited to 80 x 80 pixels and a maximum file size of 40kB. Logo as an Avatar is reserved for staff.

should use no more space than 5 lines of standard sized text would, this includes any blank lines and images you choose to use. Image based signatures should be limited to 100 x 560 pixels and a maximum total file size of 40kB.The use of advertising links which confer a benefit to the poster are not acceptable.

Choice of forum Displayname
The forum moderators reserve the right to ask any member to change their display name, should they feel that it is inappropriate, disrespectful or
an attempt impersonate another user.

An example of an unacceptable name could be Oldjlm.

Too many emoticons
Some people get over-enthusiastic with emoticons. There should be no need for more than two or three emoticons together in a post.

"Rubbish" posting
Some people think it is amusing to post in "rubbish" language... i.e. using odd characters instead of letters or even letters in no particular order. This is not permitted.

Bumping of posts
"Bumping" is the act of adding to a thread just to get your topic back to the top of the list in a forum and should not be done. Users who keep bumping their topics face action that may include the locking of the topic and / or removal of forum access.

Use of Quotes
Quotes can be a very useful way of making your reply to a post clearer by indicating which post or part of a post you are referring to. However using them incorrectly can be annoying and make threads very hard to read. The following rule applies to the use of quotes. Only quote the full content of a post if :-

a) it is NOT the post immediately before your reply.
b) You find that your reply has been forced onto a new page (then edit in the full quote if it's needed.)

In all cases you should think before quoting and wherever possible only use a part of the post you are replying to in order to make it clear which bit of a post your reply refers to.

The Moderators will remove unnecessary full quotes where they are posted immediately after the post being replied to.

Banned members
If a poster is banned from posting or accessing the forums that ban includes using another members account or log on details to access the forums or asking another member to post on their behalf. This action could have consequences for the other forum member.

A ban will in the first instance be for a minimum of 48 hours while the case is considered by the Moderators and staff. Following that it may be removed or extended depending upon the circumstances.

If the user then gets banned again it is more than likely possible that this next ban will be for an extended period of time and could even be permanent.

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